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Priya is my good old friend. We went for shopping along with her son. He is quite active and smart boy.

Before we could hardly finish selecting few books, he filled up his cart with as many books as he can.

His mom, very carefully, skilfully with lot of effort, selected few books among them for buying. One of the books she selected was, a 350 pages highly priced activity book.

She had a strong opinion, it's worth the money. More number of pages means, more things his son can learn. She bought the book after a long analysis, comparison and calculation.

Months later, during a casual visit, I saw the same book lying in the last row of her book shelf.

I was curious to know, how effective the exercises were. With her permission, I took the book. I cleaned it and flipped few pages.

Surprise!! Except the first 10 pages, all other pages were not even touched by hand.

I asked her 'Why?'.

She spent good amount of money and time for making a decision whether to buy or not...

She bought it with the intention of teaching more. But the ultimate result? His son is not interested to complete the exercises. He feels, he could never complete all the exercises.

I learnt the valuable lesson that day.

Too much of anything is good for nothing.

Kids are curious. Sometimes, they may ask you for 2000 exercises over 20. But once they reached their maximum tolerance level say 100 or so, they would feel bored. Their brain will plan to get rid of those boring exercises in a smart way. They will look for something different.


Solution is simple. Never ever give your child more than what he wants to have.

Always, keep it short & simple.

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as freshly picked fruit from the garden, or

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Yes. eduKrish certainly know about how busy you are. So he has come forward to deliver the worksheets to you on weekly basis with a strong promise of "No unwanted Ads". eduKrish sends only worksheets, freshly thoughtfully prepared for your royal prince / princess.

Now, would you like to have a quick glance? Here are they.

Week 1 - printable kindergarten worksheets

KG Activity Worksheet A

KG Activity Worksheet Alphabet 'A'

KG Tracing Worksheet A

KG Tracing Worksheet Alphabet 'A'

KG Worksheet A Words

KG Worksheet 5 Words starting with letter 'A'

KG Maths Worksheet Number 1

KG Maths Worksheet counting and tracing Number 1

KG Worksheet Science

KG Science Worksheet

KG Worksheet Colouring

KG Colouring Worksheet - An apple.

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KG Worksheets

Explore our KG free sample weekly worksheets which includes,

  1. Alphabet Activity worksheets
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  3. Words starting with the alphabet with example pictures
  4. Maths Single digit numbers and object Counting worksheets
  5. Science worksheets - to ignite thinking and creativity
  6. Colouring worksheets

Math Quizzes

Math quizzes are available for,

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  3. Subtraction
  4. Shapes
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