Ordering numbers worksheets

Ordering numbers worksheets are prepared by eduKrish

  • to learn ordering of numbers from 1 to 1000
  • with lots of colours and shapes,
  • yet easy to print, and
  • to add more fun for your child.

Worksheets are classified into 4 categories

  1. Numbers from 1 to 10
  2. Numbers from 1 to 20
  3. Numbers from 1 to 100
  4. Numbers from 100 to 1000

Each category has

  • 4 to 6 worksheets,
  • each worksheet has 5 to 6 questions,
  • to practice ordering from smallest to largest (ascending order), and
  • largest to smallest (descending order).

You will get some 'fill in the blanks' type questions as well. Download the sample PDFs from the links given below and have joyful learning time with your children.

How to teach the numbers from 1 to 100?

Dot cards

If your child is below 2 years old, you can use the dot cards method. One of my friend used big flashcards printed with red dots to teach counting.

You can also use the method to teach counting up to 100. Drawing dots up to 100 would be a tedious job. If you would like to have the pdf, please contact us. We can send you the PDF files, which you can directly use to print.

Number cards

If your child is more than 2 years old, you can go for number flashcards.

If you want to DIY (Do It Yourself), buy a white colour chart papers from the stationary shop nearby.

Take one sheet and mark a square or rectangular shape with sufficient space to write a 2/3 digit numbers.

Now, cut the square and make that as a base and cut 100 cards from the chart papers.

Get a black sketch pen and write a number in a card. Follow the same procedure till you complete the numbers up to 100.

Once the cards are ready, fix a time to teach your child. Show the cards from numbers 1 to 10 for few days then go for other numbers.

Showing the flashcards for few minutes a day is sufficient.

Other methods

Use medium size beads, if possible with different colours.

Place them in a line ( 1 to 10 beads per line ) and ask your child to count them.

You can also use cups. Ask your child to put the beads into cups while counting the beads.

Get small cookies, gems or chocolate pieces in plate and ask him to count before / while eating each piece.

Get a set of colour crayons or pencils, and use it to teach counting.

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Ordering Numbers from 1 to 10

Ordering Numbers Worksheets from 1 to 10

Ordering Numbers from 1 to 20

Ordering Numbers Worksheets from 1 to 20

Ordering-Numbers 1 to 100

Ordering Number Worksheets from 1 to 100

Ordering Numbers 100 to 1000

Ordering Numbers Worksheets from 100 to 1000

Does your child enjoy learning with our worksheets?

eduKrish puts lots of efforts to make your child laugh and learn. Your feedback means lot more to him.

Please use the form to say few words to eduKrish.

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