Kindergarten Worksheet Sample

eduKrish offers free Kindergarten worksheet samples for your child to try at home. This free bundle has,

  • Worksheets for 10 weeks, and
  • evaluation worksheets for 2 weeks

Each week has 6 worksheets.

In total, we have 60 (daily practice sheets) + 12 (evaluation sheets). That's 72 pages.

What your kid will learn with these 72 free kindergarten worksheets?

Visible results you can expect:

  1. Alphabets identifying & writing ( a to j )
  2. Counting and writing ( 1 to 10 )

Invisible results (you may have to observe):

  1. Daily study routine
  2. Thinking skills
  3. Fine motor skills
  4. Observation skills
  5. Curiosity

Each week has 6 separate kindergarten worksheets covering the topics English, Mathematics and Science at LKG Level.

  1. Alphabet Activity worksheets
  2. Alphabet Tracing worksheets
  3. Words starting with the alphabet with example pictures
  4. Maths Single digit numbers and object Counting worksheets
  5. Science worksheets - to ignite thinking and creativity
  6. Colouring worksheets

Alphabet Activity Worksheets

Activity sheets are really a most fun filled task for the kids.

  • Print the WS and paste or pin it firmly on a thick sheet of paper/cardboard/writing pad.
  • Then you can apply glue on part of the alphabet that has number 1.
  • No need to apply glue on other parts of the worksheets.
  • Now ask the kids to put their favourite Dal / Seeds over the area, where you just applied glue.
  • Once the entire glued area is covered, put the paper aside for a minute.
  • Once it is completely dried, ask your little one to move his/her finger over the dal/seeds.
  • While moving her finger along the letters, ask her to tell the phonics sound of the alphabet.
  • Then apply glue on other part of the alphabet, with the number 2.
  • Repeat the above steps for each part separately.

You may have to repeat these steps 2 to 4 times depend on the alphabet you are working.

Expected Learning outcome

  • One part at a time helps them easily finish the task and take a short break.
  • Concentrating particular part of the alphabet helps the kids to pay attention to each stroke.
  • Moving the fingers over the seeds/dal makes their brain observe the pattern and direction of movement.

Other alternatives

Instead of dal / seeds you can try the following things also.

  • Woollen threads
  • thin sand
  • colour papers cut into small pieces
  • shells
  • buttons
  • beads

Kindergarten Worksheets for Tracing Alphabets

Based on your child finger grip and ability to hold, choose the writing material.

  1. Big / broad / thick crayons
  2. Small crayons
  3. Big medium size pencils
  4. Normal pencils

Slow and steady wins the race. No need to force.

  • Don’t ask your child to complete more than one tracing per day.
  • Try different writing material to complete the WS.
  • Start with broad or double line tracing and then go for single line tracing.
  • Ask your child to repeat the alphabet or number orally while tracing.

Kindergarten Worksheets to count and write 1 to 10

In maths worksheets initially you can ask your child to,

  1. trace the numbers
  2. count the number of objects given in the picture
  3. If he/she is comfortable, ask him to write the number.

And whenever she/he asks for something, like crayon, cookie etc., ask her/him "How many you want?"

Encourage her/him to tell the number of objects she/he wants.

Simple Mathematics Activities

  • Place some beads and ask them to count and write.
  • Ask him to count the number of crayons in the box.
  • Number of windows in your house.
  • Number of plants in the garden.
  • While eating/feeding your children, ask them to count the number of spoons they had.

It will help them to keenly pay attention to numbers.

Kindergarten Science Worksheets

A random topic with relevant picture is provided. Train your child to say the key word / phrase. Slowly explain the concept given in short paragraph.

  • Don't expect him to show interest or understand the topic. But you can help him.
  • If your child is not able understand, tell a short story involving your child and the object.
  • For example, if the topic is about 'astronaut', ask your kid to imagine he is an astronaut.
  • Ask him to imagine, he is travelling in a spaceship wearing a spacesuit etc.,
  • So he will slowly pay attention and get involved.
  • We are just training his sensory organs with topic. Don't ask him to memorize the topic. Just hint.

Kindergarten Worksheets for fun filled Colouring

Follow the same rule we used for tracing WS.

  1. Big crayons,
  2. Small crayons, and finally
  3. Colour pencils

But to add fun you can also use,

  1. Sketch pens
  2. Water colours
  3. Oil colors

You can also use some vegetables like onion, ladies finger, beans etc., and make vegetable pattern instead of colouring.

Also, (if possible) before coloring, show your kid the real object.

For example, if your child is going to colour an apple, place an apple in front of her.

It will help the child to observe the colors and patterns naturally in all the objects in the long run.

Also, your kids may surprise you with their brilliant effort to bring exact shades and patterns.

Kindergarten Worksheet for Weekly Evaluation

Evaluation sheets are created to,

  1. train your child’s brain activity, and
  2. to identify the weak areas.

If the results are positive, pat yourself and move on to the next week’s worksheets.

If the results are not as expected, identify the weak areas and focus on it for another one week.

Don’t rush now. If you skip or rush some basics topics now, the impact will be huge in your kid’s life.

Never hesitate to rework the worksheets, if you don’t get the desired level of performance.

But the real success is not shown only in the worksheets. Observe other results also.

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KG Worksheets

Explore our KG free sample weekly worksheets which includes,

  1. Alphabet Activity worksheets
  2. Alphabet Tracing worksheets
  3. Words starting with the alphabet with example pictures
  4. Maths Single digit numbers and object Counting worksheets
  5. Science worksheets - to ignite thinking and creativity
  6. Colouring worksheets

Math Quizzes

Math quizzes are available for,

  1. Counting
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Shapes
in various questions formats like,
  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True or False
  3. Fill in the blanks