Are you keeping your child engaged with worksheets or helping them to learn the concept?

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Are you looking for worksheets to improve your child confidence level and academic performance?.

You must be here at eduKrish, because,

  1. You love your children,
  2. You want to educate your kids well with best worksheets,
  3. You wish your children learn the basic concepts in a proper way,
  4. You expect your child stand out from the crowd by giving an extra push, or a loving encouragement,
  5. You are eager to know what are the possible means you can help them to achieve their academic goals by going beyond the curriculum,

If you said 'Yes' silently while reading any of the 5 points above, 'Welcome, you are on right place'. 

eduKrish is started to help parents who have that 'extra' love and passion towards their Kids.

Keeping your kids engaged with some worksheets is not going to help them.

Gift your children the best weekly worksheets that incorporates,

  • best learning techniques and
  • regular study habit, in a child friendly way.

If the answer is 'No, I am just here to find a worksheet just to keep my kids engaged’.

Well. We won't disappoint you as well. 

At eduKrish, you can find best intuitively prepared educational resources.

  1. Worksheets - For Activity based learning, Trace and write, Count and Add, etc.
  2. Quizzes - To quickly test the understanding of the topic learnt and to motivate the kids with speed and accuracy.

But, as a parent why not join with us to take the exciting journey of finding the better and best ways, 'to learn how to (teach) help your children'. 

Markers or Worksheets? 
Effective New Learning Techniques

"Worksheets, Quizzes and flash cards are the ultimate winners. Markers are gone."

During our time we learnt by,

  • Underlining
  • Rereading,
  • Summarizing,
  • Highlighting etc., 

But, a report done by John Dunlosky, a professor from Kent State University and his team after a detailed analysis, reveals these old learning techniques are,

  1. Time consuming,
  2. Less effective,
  3. Hamper your learning process.


Don't get discouraged. Luckily, the same team came up with top three most effective learning techniques also. 

Are you eager to know them? Here are they.

1. Distributed learning - Asking your child to complete entire syllabus in one sitting/day is like asking him to run a marathon. Bit boring.

How about, asking him to run 100 meters sprint, 6 times after short break in between.

Quite interesting.  Right?

eduKrish worksheets are designed for smart learning. They are short, simple, but effective. 100m sprint. :-)

2. Practice testing - Again testing? Don't get tensed. Relax.

These tests are not to grade your lovely children.

But, to train your kids mind,

  • to retrieve the answer faster,
  • by repeated practice,
  • with different form of questions.

Improvement comes through practice. Practice helps to identify, and remedy the weak areas.

eduKrish quizzes are perfectly aimed to hit this one target. How?

Questions are created to include, different questions formats.

a) Choose the best answer - First, we encourage the child to choose correct one from the small set possible answers. It clears confusion about the wrong answers.

E.g.: Leopards have,

  • Option 1: Spots
  • Option 2: Stripes
  • Option 3: Both spots and stripes

b) True or false - Here, Options are narrowed down. Give only two choices.  This or that. Gives, slight pressure to the kids and helps them to form strong foundation knowledge about the topic.

E.g.: Leopards have stripes. (True/False)

c) Fill in the blanks:

Leopards have ________ on their skin.

Here, they must know,

  •  the firm answer – spots (not stripes)
  •  and how to spell the word ‘spots’

Questions are repeated in different format to train your kid's brain cells.

3. Interrogation – It means, asking, 'Why? How? When? What? Where?'  about the topic. Self-Interrogation helps to learn better.

E.g.: Normally you show the picture of leopard and say 'This is leopard'.

If you want to introduce the technique of interrogation, then don't try to teach your child. Ask them to teach you.

Give the role of teacher, to your child. And post all 'childish' questions. Something you never asked anyone out of fear so far :-).

Make sure your spouse or friends are not around. They may get afraid you have gone mad. Ok.

Just play the role of novice and make your child – a teacher for you.

Find out, how brilliantly, your smart little one comes up with the right/wrong answer.

Don't worry even if the answer is wrong, he will think about the topic for a while.

That's what we want. If he is in doubt, if it is not the right answer, he will find means to get the right one (secretly).

A self-interrogation gets initiated in your child’s brain.

Example scenario:

You: Dear, mom never spotted a leopard. Have you?

Your smart kid: Yes, I do.

You: Where?

YSK: National geographic channel / Zoo / Magazine etc.,

You: Oh. Really.

(Now it's time for you to use all the '?' words you learnt along with your little one)

  1. How many legs leopards have?
  2. Do they have spots?
  3. Which animal has stripes then?
  4. Where do the leopards live?
  5. What is its favourite food? 
  6. Can leopard swim? Climb trees? Run fast? 

Sky is the limit for you.

But, take note of your child's tolerance (patience) level. Make sure you stop, before he yells at you.  :-)

But don't worry, eduKrish worksheets comes for your aid. We post all the necessary and (few silly) questions. We go beyond curriculum. Just to ignite your little one's brain and curiosity level. 

Let me tell you a secret. If kids don’t know the answer, somehow they will find it out.

Have patience and just wait. Don't give straight answer. Pretend, as if you too don't know the answer, until they find it out themselves. 

But, it's not one-day task. Daily routine. You need right resources. 

How can weekly worksheets help your child?

eduKrish is a,

  • charming little one, 
  • naughty but brilliant enough - will help your child learn new things in a better and proper way
  • playful but responsible - through his play he teaches your child indirectly
  • adventurous but protective - sometimes goes beyond the curriculum zone, but won't confuse your kids
  • a friend in need for your children - never let you/your children down.  

He dances with you when you reach the target, encourages you when you are down.

Imagine your children has a friend, who

  1. Plays with your children when they have free time
  2. Sits and seriously help them prepare for their exam
  3. Runs and plays with them when they are active
  4. Hugs and plays a soft music when they are exhausted
  5. Stand-by and whispers the answers to your child during the exams

Yes. eduKrish worksheets exactly does these things.

Some friends could spoil your child with their bad manners. And your kids may get addicted to unwanted things.

It won't happen here with eduKrish.

Your child won't get exposed to,

  1. Time consuming Video games,
  2. Unwanted advertisements,
  3. Brain damaging animations.

Now, are you ready to send your children to an adventurous daily learning trip with eduKrish?

Daily learning trip? Yes. 

At eduKrish you will get,

  1. Daily practice worksheets,
  2. Quizzes to reinforce concepts,
  3. Fun filled activity ideas to have quality learning time.

Ready? Go ahead and explore....

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KG Worksheets

Explore our KG free sample weekly worksheets which includes,

  1. Alphabet Activity worksheets
  2. Alphabet Tracing worksheets
  3. Words starting with the alphabet with example pictures
  4. Maths Single digit numbers and object Counting worksheets
  5. Science worksheets - to ignite thinking and creativity
  6. Colouring worksheets

Math Quizzes

Math quizzes are available for,

  1. Counting
  2. Addition
  3. Subtraction
  4. Shapes
in various questions formats like,
  1. Multiple Choice
  2. True or False
  3. Fill in the blanks