Compound Words Worksheets

Compound words worksheets are prepared by eduKrish

  • to provide you the insight of compound words
  • with carefully chosen words that are easy to remember and use
  • easy to spell, and
  • to enhance vocabulary of your child.

Worksheets have 70 compound words, with 3 types of questions.

  1. Join and write - This is quite simple.

    Just ask your child to say the meaning of individual words and ask him combine and write a new compound word from it.

  2. Match - Your child must be able to match and form compound words using the given set of words.

  3. Fill-in-the-blanks - This one is bit challenging. Your child must identify the compound word and fill in the (2 to 4) missing letters.

What are compound words?

Before start teaching the kids, it's better to have an introduction about compound words. There are three types of compound words.

  1. Solid / Closed
  2. Hyphenated
  3. Open / Spaced

Solid / Closed

  • Short words appear together as one,
  • Consist of monosyllabic units,
  • established for a long time.
  • e.g: sunflower, football


  • Two or more words are connected by a hyphen,
  • Compounds that contain articles, prepositions or conjunctions,
  • Compound-words that contain affixes, or formed by combining two or more adjectives and verbs are often hyphenated.
  • e.g: board-minded person

Open or Spaced

  • consists newer combinations of longer words
  • Eg:- online learning, online worksheets etc.,

Fun filled games to teach compound words

Join me Game

  1. 3 or more players can play this game. One among them must stand in the middle and say a word, for example 'light'
  2. The other players can say a word which forms a compound word with 'light'. For example, 'torchlight', 'sunlight', 'moonlight', 'lighthouse' etc.,
  3. Each player can say only one word per cycle. If the player isn't able to come up with any word, she/he can say 'pass' to give chance to other players.
  4. Cycle ends, when all of the players are not able to say a compound word.
  5. In the end, player who has identified more number of words wins the game.

Flash cards Game

  1. Get/prepare the flashcards for 50 set or 100 compound words.
  2. Shuffle them in the bag and take 10 cards for each player.
  3. The player has to match and identify the compound words from the list of words given to him.
  4. Unmatched cards have to be put back in the bag.
  5. Again, each player can take 10 cards from the bag.
  6. Using the cards he already has and the new 10 cards just taken, he can form new set compound words.
  7. He can retain all the matching cards and put back the remaining cards in the bag.
  8. The game can be continued till all the cards in the bag are matched or left with less than 10 un-matching cards in the bag.

Download Compound Words Worksheets

Compound Words Worksheets

Compound Words Worksheets1

Compound Word Worksheets2

Compound Word Worksheets2

Compound Word Worksheet3

Compound Word Worksheet3

Compound Words Worksheet4

Compound Words Worksheet4

Compound Word Worksheets5

Compound Word Worksheets5

Compound Word Worksheet6

Compound Word Worksheet6

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