Alphabet Worksheets

3 Simple and most effective techniques

- to master alphabet writing

eduKrish alphabet worksheets are designed to help your child easily learn alphabet writing.

You just need to follow 3 simple techniques.

  1. Give Sensory stimulation
  2. Remember the Phonics
  3. Group the letters

Brief introduction about these techniques are provided for you here.

1. How to give Sensory Stimulation?

Getting the alphabet worksheets are good. But we must know how to properly use them.

More than adults, kids are good observers. They learn a lot by observation.

To stimulate their sense, you can follow these few simple techniques.

A) Let the eyes observe

  • Have a large colourful image of the alphabet you are going to teach your child today.
  • Have an object related to the letter.

Example: If you are going to teach the letter 'A', have the colourfully painted 'A'.

And also have a real apple.

Let him observe the,

  1. Shape
  2. Outside & Inside Colour
  3. Seeds & their colours etc.,

B) Let the nose smell & tongue taste

This may not be applicable for all the letters. Anyway, if you carefully analyse, you can make your child smell & taste the alphabet.

How? For the alphabet, 'A', let him smell an apple. For 'B', give a piece of bread, for 'C', a cherry, and so on.

C) Let the fingers move and touch the alphabet

This is easy. Give your child an alphabet made up of different kind of objects to touch and feel.

You can try,

  1. Sand,
  2. Rice,
  3. Dal,
  4. Seeds,
  5. Shells,
  6. Beads,
  7. Buttons,
  8. Thick foam sheets,

If you have a real apple for 'A' or a ball for 'B', let him move his fingers all over it. It will stimulate his sense of touch.

D) Let the ears hear words

Just recite soft rhythmic sound of the alphabet and the objects related to the alphabet.

For 'A', you can use - 'Anu put an apple over an anthill and the ants got angry.'

For 'B', you can say - 'a big blue ball bounces for you baby', and so on.

2. Phonics and alphabet worksheets have any links?

Yes. They have. Every time, you teach your child to write, ask him to pronounce the phonics sound of the alphabet.

3. Group the letter and practice

Some alphabets have similarities. You can group them and teach. It will be easy for the child to follow and remember.

You can choose two or three alphabets for a group.

We are not going to use the alphabets in sequence. Anyway, observe you child's comfort level and learning style.

Here is the list, which is easy to practice and remember.

  1. T , I & J
  2. E & F
  3. L & H
  4. U & V
  5. N, M & W
  6. C & G
  7. O & Q
  8. B & D
  9. P & R
  10. X & Y

Rest of the alphabets, 'A', 'K', 'S' & 'Z' you can teach separately.

If you use are using eduKrish weekly worksheet, start the first week with letter 'T', second week letter 'I' and so on.

Don't rush. Give sufficient time for the child to observe and get comfortable with one letter & then move to the next.

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