About eduKrish

You want to know about eduKrish and people behind it? Let me introduce them for you. 

eduKrish is a unit of the company “Tharani Business Enterprises Private Limited”.

  • It was created to cater to the formal educational needs of the kids in this information and technological world under competitive educational environment.
  • eduKrish is a web based learning portal which provides basic and also detailed information designed for the expected syllabus for the specific age group kids.
  • Most of the content is designed in interactive manner so as to enable the kids to enjoy learning.
  • There are testing tools also, which will help the kids to evaluate their learning.
  • Theoretical learning does not help kids in the long run.
  • Conceptual understanding is more important and that is the main intention of creating eduKrish web learning portal.

About the Company 

Tharani Business Enterprises Private Limited was formed in June 2003 by its promoter Late Sri.V.Krishnan with the following objects: -

  1. Education,
  2. IT based solutions,
  3. Consultancy Services, and
  4. Research

Learning is essential in life. It is the only thing that starts even before birth (in the mother’s womb) and continues till death.

The main promoter Late Sri.V.Krishnan, though was a Chartered Accountant with a successful professional practice, had keen interest in imparting education.

Currently, Smt.U.Tharani Thevi, Sri.K.Ulaganaathan Shankar and Sri.N.C.Karmeham are the directors of the company.

About eduKrish Directors

Late Mr V.Krishnan

Late Sri.V.Krishnan, the promoter of the company, was a practising Chartered Accountant by profession.

  • He was also a visiting faculty on the subjects Accounting and Auditing at Southern India Regional Council of ICAI and its various branches across Southern India and  various colleges in and around Vellore.
  • In total for more than 3 decades he continued his teaching vocation.
  • He authored a book on ‘Indian Accounting Standards’.
  • He was the Leader of the Group Study Exchange Team that went to England from Rotary International (District 3230) and also toured several European Countries, viz., France, Switzerland, Rome, Germany, Austria and Netherland.
  • He was keenly interested in Indian philosophy and gave various lectures on various occasions.

About eduKrish current directors

Sri.K.Ulaganaathan Shankar is a practising Chartered Accountant by profession with more than 20 years’ experience in the auditing, accounting and taxation in India.

  • He has catered to the needs of Individuals, Firms, Trusts, Indian and Global companies in the Indian Accounting & Taxation consultations.
  • He gives professional consultations to the ‘Accounting, Corporate & Taxation’ segment of Tharani Business Enterprises as and when required.

Smt.U.Tharani Thevi is an engineer by profession.

  • She worked in HCL Technologies Limited for 3 years.
  • She is also qualified Information Systems Auditor.
  • She worked in a Chartered Accountant firm as Information Systems Auditor for around 12 years.
  • She took up the post of Chairman & Managing Director in the company ‘Tharani Business Enterprises Private Limited’ in 2016.
  • She currently handles both the IT Division and the Education segment of the Company.
  • eduKrish is the brain child of her efforts.
  • It is her innermost desire to provide qualitative conceptual education to kids with the help of information and technology that made her to take up this herculean task.
  • She has a very keen interest in Indian Philosophy and spends valuable time in learning about our Indian Philosophy.

Sri.N.C.Karmeham is a Commerce graduate with more than 25 years’ experience in the accounting and taxation nuances in India.

  • He has catered to the needs of Individuals, Firms, Trusts, Indian and Global companies in the Indian Accounting & Taxation consultations.
  • He handles the ‘Accounting, Corporate & Taxation’ segment of Tharani Business Enterprises.

If you would like to know anything else about eduKrish, please write to us.

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